Weekly Recap #17

Tapering… with 1 week till IMWA I am focussing on making sure my legs are fresh and my mind strong.


This week my focus shifted to tapering. Given my relatively low amount of training in this block anyway I mostly focussed on reducing the intensity which seemed to work out OK. I also put in a couple of 1900m swims down in middle harbour. My pace is OK. Just hope I can stay focussed over the longer 3800m distance!


No racing this week obviously! I did finalise my race plans for the first half of 2015 by entering the 6ft Track Marathon. The race sold out in 15mins so I was very happy to have secured my slot bang on the 9am opening time!

Post IMWA, my focus is shifting to long distance trail runs and my program for the first half of 2015 is:

11th: Bogong to Hotham 64k Trail Run
14th: 6ft Trail Marathon
12th: Buffalo Stampede Sky Marathon
19th: Mt Solitary Ultra
16th: The North Face 100