Weekly Recap #19

I’m trying to get back into the swing of the weekly recap. Honestly!

This week I recovered really well from the Megalong Mega.  There are 2 good reasons for this… firstly, I tackled it as a training run and never intended to hurt myself and secondly, my legs are getting much more used to long running.

Training this week was mostly easy with a few shortish runs, a commute on my bike and an MTB ride.

The most interesting things being:

1. I put a 140mm Rockshox Revelation fork on my MTB with a much shorter stem.  It rides like a different bike. Awesome!

2. I took the gopro for a run in the heat. I managed a few interesting shots.

Drinking on the run #gopro #trailrunning

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Trail running daydream #hot #gopro #running

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Hot sky #gopro #trailrunning

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Next week I have the Running Wild Wentworth Falls race and the following week I plan to head back to the STS Manly Dam race.