This site has been set up to capture all the great fun I have and the things I like. My goal is to provide a little bit of interesting reading. I have hand coded this site and set it up to be hosted on Github. Once I had a format I was happy with I converted everything back to WordPress. It works on modern browsers like Chrome and Safari so if you use old versions of IE you’re out of luck. Here’s hoping that this model of blog will stick for a while and I can build up some great content rather than keep redesigning things. I have been through plenty of platforms to date but I am really happy now with this site knowing everything is working exactly in a way I like and fully understand.

Site Highlights

Over time there will be plenty of stories. My favourite(s) are:

About Me

Plenty of things excite me and I have a curiousity focussed on finding out whats possible. I am a father with an amazing wife and 2 kids. We live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, NSW, Australia.

I am also a Sustainability Engineer and founded my own consultancy, Flux Consultants, with my long time business partner, Che Wall. I have worked on plenty of cool buildings and projects. The highlight at the moment is Barangaroo.

My list of hobbies and interests is pretty long but there always clear phases. Right now I deem myself to be in an endurance multisport phase based on the amount of time I am spending training for, and competing in, longer distance triathlons, runs and bike rides. This latest phase commenced in June 2013 so at the time of writing is only 12 months old. I won’t ever win these events but I always have plenty of fun and usually manage to finish in the top 25% for my age group.


My Journey

In June 2013, I started running. I bought a bike. I signed up for Ironman 70.3 at Port Macquarie… then I started training.

One big motivator is tracking how I am going and Strava is my tool of choice.

Now (as of June 2014) I have completed an Ironman, 2 Ironman 70.3 triathlons, a few other shorter distance triathlons, a marathon, several other shorter running races and a few bike races.


A collection of useful links: