2014 flew by at an alarming rate. For me 2014 started on a family ski holiday in France and wrapped up watching the Sydney fireworks from one of my favourite run/ride spots – Bantry Bay Bluff. Pretty good really.

In between I have packed in HEAPs of racing including 2 Ironman’s, 3 half Ironman’s a marathon some long trail runs.

Key racing/races:



  • Cyclocross
  • Blayney to Bathurst
  • Various MWCC Races



  • The Big Swim – My first and (possibly) last ocean swim.

I also put in heaps of training and also raced a number of smaller events.



I logged a reasonable number of km’s in 2014.

  • Cycling: 4605km and 163h 56min (2013: 2209km, 78h 34min)
  • Running: 1308km and 113h 19min (2013: 674km, 55h 40min)
  • Swimming: 79km and 23h 12min (2013: 29km, 9h 46min)

All up my activity count was 328!

Highs and Lows

I had a few highs and lows in the year.  The highlights were finishing my Ironman races. Some of my 2014 highs and lows from an activity point of view were:

  • Best Cycling Activity (s): IMOZ Bike because of my awesome performance and nice course and Blayney to Bathurst for pure cycling pleasure. Worst cycling experiences are my years first and last rides… My Pie in the Sky Bonk ride – a really scarey experience that haunts me constantly when racing and my MTB ride on NYE which was great fun with my brother Jason on the new Batry Bay tracks but I had a major stack. I probably came off much better than I might have as I flew a few meters over the bars but with just over a week to the Bogong to Hotham my knee is in a world of pain :-(. An honourable mention goes to the Geelong 70.3 bike leg – the slowest I have ever ridden in a Tri thanks to extreme winds and furnace like heat.
  • Best Run (s): Woodford to Glenbrook because its its a fun course and my first repeat event where I set a huge PB and Kedumba Half as it gives me a taste of the future. An honourable mention goes to the Orange Marathon, its a great event on a great course and I performed as well as I could hope for a first time out.
  • Best Swim (s): this one is easy its the IMWA swim around Busselton Pier.  Its a good as swimming 3.8kms can be. Worst swim is also easy… The Big Swim.


I built up a few new bikes in 2014.  These have included Eddy, my Merckx EMX-525 which started life using UI2 and recently switched to SRAM Red/Force. My Van Dessel Gin and Trombones CX bike including my own wheel build. I also built up a Chinese carbon 29er which is pretty nice except the Marzocchi fork. I am also in the process of building an electric bike. Not for cycling purposes but as a tool to replace my motorbike when I commute lazy style.

Running wise I developed a strong loyalty for Inov-8 in 2013.  In 2014 I drifted towards Salomon for trail running and Adidas for road. I do loce Salomon and my Adidas Adios Boost shoes are pretty sweet on the road (and off) but I might try something else in 2015.

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