Weekly Recap #1

This is my first weekly quick recap… Enjoy!
After the Woodford to Glenbrook race the week started with a fair bit of pain in the legs! It hung around until Thursday, a painful reminder of the need to keep longer runs in my training program.


We headed down to Heffron Park to check out the RBCC juniors and afterward I was going to have a go at their weekly criterium. Unfortunately the juniors weren’t actually on so I did a few laps with Ned and then signed in for C-Grade.  It was pretty windy and after about 7 laps in the bunch a rider jumped and broke away.  I chased and caught on after half a lap.  After a brief recovery I took over for a turn and well and truly burnt my legs into the wind.  After another lap I wasn’t feeling like the break was going to hold so drifted back to the main bunch where I stuck it out for a while before drifting back on the last lap and finishing about 200m behind the eventual winner.  It was a fun race but definitely need more km in my legs to compete.


I managed 20k’s of running across 4 runs, mostly focussed on trails around Manly Dam. I also rode a couple of upper dam laps on my cyclocross bike for fun.  I am really enjoying my trail running around Manly dam at the moment.


I added some pics by Riding Focus to my cycling gallery.

Other News

Currently trying to fit a trail ultra into my schedule before year end so I can qualify for the Bogong to Hotham race.

And in sustainability…

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