Weekly Recap #16

This week felt pretty good. Still having a little bad luck but plenty of good signs that I can take on IMWA with a reasonable amount of confidence. Only 2 weeks till race day!


I still only managed just short of 8hrs training this week. Its interesting but mentally it seems to be my limit. The week was mostly focussed on riding. This was because my motorbike was still out of action for the working week. I also ran into work one day and also got a couple of swim sessions including a well paced ocean swim. The only real concerns I have is my sessions (swim and bike) have been a little short on distance and I haven’t really been getting in enough runs.  Have a couple of solid half distance IM’s under my belt as well as some really tough runs will hopefully make up for the deficiency.  At the end of the day I need to take confidence that I am training and racing as better than I have previously (from an admittedly low base of zero… or even negative!)

My plan A at Busselton is to go sub 10hrs, which right now is looking like a bit of a stretch given my training but thats OK. Plan B is to survive the swim, lay it all on the line on the bike and soak up the atmosphere enjoying myself on the run and at least beat my time overall and in the run at Port. I am feeling pretty confident about Plan B. I will know which plan I am on coming out of the swim. If I am the wrong side of 1hr 15mins it will be Plan B 😉 Sub 1hr 10mins and Plan A is ON!

Training highlights included an awesome commute home where I recorded 2nd and 3rd places on the climb to Seaforth oval and my relatively cruisy Friday commute where I was within 3s of my KOM. Had I know I would have charged hard over the Bridge and shot for a Sub 30min on the Wakehurst City Commute sector.

I was also really happy with my 1:40/100m ocean swim on Saturday.

In bad news, I had set out Friday morning to do a Church Point ride and completely trashed a new tubular which meant I needed Kira to pick me up at 5:30am in the morning.


No races for me this week but Ned raced the Go Triathlon at Manly Dam. He is growing into a great swim / biker and finished 5th in his AG which is a great result. The only real confusion he had was wayfinding into and out of transition but he found his way in the end and did a great job!








I installed my new SRAM Force 22 crank on my road bike complete with HSC Ceramics Bottom Bracket. The whole thing feels so much smoother then the old Shimano bottom bracket. I haven’t ridden the bike yet but given how good the HSC BB is on my tri bike I am sure it will be a great upgrade.

I also got my motorbike running again. Fortunately the only damage done when I hooked up the jumpers the wrong way was a $1 blown fuse (in addition to the battery). It could have been much worse with reports on Ducati’s loosing their EFI computer from similar incidents. Phew!

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