Weekly Recap #21

A week of recovery, setting focus on the TNF100 and backing up for another race.

With the Six Foot Track Marathon behind me it is well a truly time to recast my focus towards the TNF100. In the lead up I have the Buffalo Stampede Skymarathon and the Mt Solitary Ultra back to back. I figure that if I am serious about running 100k I should be able to do 2 45k runs on consecutive weekends.


One thing I said on the Saturday night after 6ft was… “it doesn’t hurt like an Ironman” but by Monday morning my quads had gone from marinated to totally cooked. Walking up or down hills hurt. Tuesday I managed an easy 5k in the city and everything shook out pretty well.  By Thursday I could run comfortably and come Friday I found myself signing up for the STS 10k around Manly Dam. I couldn’t help myself!

On Saturday I loaded up my pack for TNF100 with 3kg and set of for a really easy 10k.  One thing I quickly discovered was that while my legs felt OK come any serious climb they have very little in reserve. For the purposes of Saturday’s run I took it easy.  Will be interesting to see how I pull up after the Buffalo Stampede!

Saturday I also took my new pair of Nike Terra Kiger 2’s out for a spin.  They seem pretty good.  They have a similar feel to my Salomon S-Lab Sense 3 SG’s but without the massive lugs.  I am looking forward to seeing how they break in.

Finally on Saturday I did an almost full pack of my run pack for the TNF100. The only things missing were my lights. I plan on using my Ultimate Direction SJ pack… it is pushed to the absolute limit.  The cold water polarfleece has to stuff into the elastic on the back.  I will definitely have to do some test runs!

Sunday I lined up for the 10k version of Sydney Trailrunning Series at Manly Dam. This month they were also offering a 30k version in addition to the 20k I have race the last 2 times.  After 6ft I figured I would play it safe and cruise around in the 10k.  You can get a good idea of the course from my 20k Race Report. The only difference is the Bantry Bay section is left out.  The course was in pretty good shape given the recent rain and even Eva’s was better than expected although still quite muddy. I was to race testing my Hoka Challenger ATRs for the race as these are my planned shoes for TNF100. They well and truly met Eva’s mud!


I seeded myself well and had a great start through the first singletrack section and along the boardwalk section up to the firetrail crossing.  My Hokas were proving comfortable, fast and grippy – a truly awesome combination. When I hit the first climb my legs started to remind me they were running on empty and I turned to wick down to make sure everything was in order to blast the downhill. My time between the firetrail crossing and the pipeline was relatively slow but that was ok. I didn’t lose any places and one at the top my pace rebuilt quickly. I had a pretty happy run back as usually enjoying the Manly Dam descents.  I finished in 51.57 to score 19th out of 124.  I was happy with this result given how my legs were at the beginning of the week and it put me in the top 15% which is better than normal for me (top 20-25% is more typical).  I would have been nice to break 50mins and an aggressive climb up to the pipe on fresh legs would well and truly get me there. #goalsforthefuture.

The Hokas worked a treat and proved perfect in all the different modes – especially the singletrack descents where they almost turned the sharp rocks and exposed roots into a glassy luge track.

And that was my week!


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