Weekly Recap #23

3 weeks to the TNF100!

This week delivered major storms in Sydney which wasn’t great for getting outdoors. This was fine by me as I was pretty tired after my back to back races, The Buffalo Stampede Sky Marathon and Mt Solitary Ultra. So I took it a bit easy with my running. Just a couple of 5k runs (the latter left my ankle a bit tender) and a 16k run to Manly and back up Allambie hill.

Instead I played around with the kml exporter in Veloviewer to create some cool 3d paths in Google Earth of my runs!

Mt Buffalo Climb


Mt Solitary Ultra Course
Mt Solitary Ultra Course

More importantly, I passed my TNF100 gear check.  Thanks Pace Athletic.

My gear list looks something like this:

Perfect weather for a #tnf100 gear check. All passed. Thanks @paceathletic

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Just as exciting, I am confirmed in Start Group 2 for the race.  My strong results at 6ft and Mt Buffalo helped with that.

Finally, I have been contemplating my TNF100 strategy. I still dream of going sub 14hrs but after Buffalo and Solitary I am less than confident. Realistically 15hrs should be both achievable and a good outcome. My current plans, which I write only so I can reflect on them in my race report after the event are to think of the race like and Ironman… a 14hr Ironman. Stupid??? Probably! So here goes…

Start to CP1, 10.5k: Leg 1, the swim. Take it easy and go with the flow staying will within my start group down Furber and back up Golden stairs. Target 1:20, 7:36/km (I usually go about 1:06 in an IM swim)

CP1 to CP5, 67.5k: Leg 2, the bike. Open up and take advantage of the good running terrain. Try and run most but walk up Nellies Glen. Target 9:10, 8:09/km (Ok its a looooong bike leg!)

CP5 to Finish, 22k: Leg 3, the run. Just hold on and survive, plenty of slow running and walking. Especially up from the bottom of Kedumba. Target 3:30, 9:33/km (A short run leg by my standards!)

Will be interesting to see how I go against these goals!


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