Weekly Recap #25

Race week has finally arrived! On one hand I am feeling comfortable and confident but there is a lot of me that is wondering what the other side of 50k and more than 11hrs of exercise feels like.  I have never been there.  I still wonder what time expectation I should have… is no more than 15hrs reasonable? Is 14hrs a good time or likely worst time? I have no idea.

The big question is do I go with my plan A and leave nothing on the course until I blow up an then drag myself to the finish or plan B and plod it out. Conventional wisdom is plan B but I have plenty of confidence in my methods in plan A and I know I will be walking much of the final 10k climb no matter what. Important decisions must be made…

This week was pretty easy training wise as I am deep in my taper, still waiting for the final dregs of my flu to clear from my chest and for no apparent reason I have a slightly sore left ankle.  The only really tough session was Parkrun on Saturday morning where I punched out my second best time ever (19:50).

I also went riding with Ned up and North Head!

North head with Ned

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Standby next week for the big race report!

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