Weekly Recap #3

This is my 3rd weekly recap and marks a third week in a row racing on my bike, albeit cyclocross this time! In fact it is a week of 3’s!


Saturday afternoon was race #3 in the MWCC CX series. I lined up in B-Grade as usual. The turn out this week was by far the biggest and I got a bit swamped at the start. I am riding noticeably faster and am starting to have a lot more trust in my tyres around corners which helps a lot. My dismount/remount is also a lot better although still not #pro. This weeks race was memorable due to a numpty having a whinge after a few laps at one of the obstacles that I had blocked him riding up it. Felt like schooling him in riding faster and not just sitting on my wheel for lap after lap. I let him go only to catch him a lap later (he had failed to ride up the obstacle again… with no one blocking him 🙂

I think it should be my best result so far (edit: came 14/32 although it looks like they stopped me a lap early as the guy who was 13th was behind! Results here). Just waiting for the club to post results.

I also signed up for the 50k trail run at the Southern Highlands Challenge. Should be fun although it is only 2 weeks before Ironman 70.3 Sunshine Coast. The goal for the race is to simply get through so I have a qualifier for other races in the new year once my block of triathlons is completed and I shift my focus to trail running (with some cycling on the side).


It was a cold and windy week which meant I was rolling out plenty of excuses to stay indoors! I managed a cycle commute to work on Thursday however and even managed to bag a few trophies on Strava so even with a lack of time riding I am still at a pretty good level although my power output is noticeably down from its best.

I spend the weekend trail running in and around Manly Dam and Bantry Bay. It was my first time running the Batry Bay trail and it was pretty good but very tough! Will have to put in a few more loops I think training up for the Southern Highlands Challenge.

Other News

Still not back swimming… next week 😉

I also picked up a pair of Salomon S-Lab Sense 3 Ultra SG shoes and broke them in with a family trail run Sunday afternoon, my third run for the weekend. I can tell they are going to be great shoes already. They are my third new pair of shoes since IMOZ joining my Adizero Adois Boosts for road (and a bit of fast trail) and my Salomon S-Lab XT 4’s for cruisy trail training. I might have a problem 🙂

I added a few photos from the West Head race to my Cycling Gallery. Once again they are the outstanding work of Joshua Nicholson at Riding Focus. I always look forward to his blog posts!

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